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“Dual Control of Energy Consumption” Policy in China

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Update time : 2021-10-14 18:34:00

“Dual control of energy consumption" policy in China --Electricity curtailment has reduced production by as much as 90%, a new round of price increases is coming.

Whole country are facing the tough energy-saving situation, partial production of raw material have been cut high to 90%.

According to the data issued by National Development and Reform Commission publiced, Guangdong, Fujian, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Sichuan etc. 12 provinces expressed the tough situation on the sum amount of Energy-consumption and Energy-consumption-decrease, which means there are  over a half of provinces of country failed to complete the first half year's "dual control of energy consumption" mission.

For 9 districts where energy consumption intensity is not decreasing but increasing,  the "two high" projects energy saving review except for the important projects that were planned and schedule by Country would be called stop, and push all places to take power actions, ensure to complete the whole year's energy consumption dual control mission, especially the task of reducing energy intensity

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After the related files been published, many areas where early warnings have occurred have been taken the substantial measures to ensure the complete of the annual mission.

The production capacity of a variety of chemical products is limited, and 10,000 chemical companies have encountered production stoppages

Qinghai: A warning for power rationing was issued, and the scope of power rationing continued to expand.

Ningxia: High-energy-consuming enterprises stop production for one month.

Yunnan: Two rounds of power rationing have been carried out, and the follow-up will continue to increase.

Guangxi: It is required that industrial and commercial enterprises use electricity in an orderly manner and actively use electricity in shifting and avoiding peaks.

Sichuan: Suspend non-essential production, lighting, and office loads.

Henan: Some processing enterprises have limited power for more than three weeks.

Chongqing: Some factories halted power production in early August.

Inner Mongolia: Strictly control the time limit of electricity for enterprises, and the price of electricity should not exceed 10%.

"Lack of electricity, lack of coal, lack of environmental protection indicators and other problems are accompanied by multiple goals such as Carbon neutrality, emission peak, dual control, economic growth, and supply guarantee coexist in our nowadays society future developing.

The rise in upstream raw material production costs, labor costs, delivery delays, Ocean shipping costs, and electricity prices will slowly radiate to all manufacturing industries, perhaps some industries will encount a new round of price ris

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